Are You a Dog Person?

Do you love puppies and have the time to train a foster puppy?  Consider raising a foster puppy that will be trained as a service dog for someone with a disability.

Foster Puppy raisers are always needed.  The commitment to care for a puppy is approximately 14-16 months, but each organization has their own expectations of a foster puppy raiser.  Some allow part time raisers that train for only six months before the dog goes to another raiser. See our Resources page to find an organization that needs your help.

A  service dog can help a person with a disability regain their independence. Service dogs can be trained for an individuals specific needs, which helps relieve care givers of repetitive tasks that service dogs can now accomplish.



Raise a foster puppy and make a difference in someone's life.



Project "Puppy Love" A Girl Scout Gold Award Project by Meghan Kelly