Fun Facts

According to the ADA, only service dogs are considered service animals. However, some people use other animals. Other animals used include miniature horses, chickens, monkeys, snakes, parrots, goats, pigs, cats, hedgehogs, ferrets, rats, iguanas, and ducks.

The ADA has recently decided that miniature horses can be considered an exception in specific cases. Miniature horses make great service animals because of their calm nature. They also can live much longer than a dog, so they can be less expensive over time.

Monkeys are great service animals because they are able to help people that are unable to use their arms. Monkeys can help feed people, get the mail, and pick up objects from the floor.  Monkeys, however, take much longer to train than a dog.

In Perry, Michigan, the fight for therapy chickens has grown. A family uses chickens to help their children, but citizens complain about the smell. In order to keep the chickens at a farm nearby, the family is in the process of requesting a variance.

Project "Puppy Love" A Girl Scout Gold Award Project by Meghan Kelly