Career "Cruising"

"Project Puppy Love" was centered around my Foster Puppy "Cruise" and education and awareness of service dogs.  I knew after raising him he would be sent for formal training, but I never thought it would happen so soon.

Cruise was taken to the Paws With A Cause training center, on September 17th, 2013, at the age of 9 months for evaluation.  The evaluation concluded that Cruise would not be a good fit for their clients because of his high energy and independent thinking.  Most clients with disabilities might have a hard time handling a dog so spirited. When a dog is rejected from their program, Paws With A Cause always tries to find another career path for their dogs.

Cruise has a lot of energy, is very smart, and loves being around and close to people.  Because of his high energy, Interquest Detection Canines was contacted and asked to evaluate Cruise for their program.  After evaluating Cruise for one week, he was permanently placed with Interquest Detection Canines, at their training center in Houston, TX.  They are so pleased with Cruise and reported that he's doing great and is a really good boy.  Well, I already knew that, and was happy to hear that Cruise was somehow going to make a difference.

His final career path has not been mapped out, but he could be trained to work with schools as a contraband detection dog, he could be trained to work with law enforcement to be trained for narcotic detection, human detection or explosive detection.  Cruise will be matched with a permanent handler and should have a long, fun, fulfilling career playing "find it."

Interquest Detection Canines will keep me posted on Cruises' new career and I will update this page when I receive updated information.



Project "Puppy Love" A Girl Scout Gold Award Project by Meghan Kelly