Cruise training, sniffing lockers and bookbags, at Interquest K9 in Houston, TX

Video courtesy of Interquest Detection Canines:  Programs for Schools

Career "Cruising" (continued)

Update 2-7-2014

When Cruise was transferred to Interquest K9 he was given a new name, Prince J.  The person in charge of naming their dogs likes to name them after bands and rock stars.  Besides, they said, he looks like royalty.  His first handler in Houston, Debbie, said that "He is an amazing dog" and I did a fantastic job raising him!!

He finished his initial training as a Contraband Detection Canine in Houston, Texas a few months ago and Debbie said she had the pleasure of being his first “official” handler.  He was a delight!!  He not only does a fabulous job sniffing out drugs, alcohol, gunpowder and medication – but he also attracts a LOT of attention because of his beautiful coat and dynamic personality.  In fact he is one of the 6 dogs featured on our corporate calendar for 2014.

He recently transferred to their office in Tulsa, Oklahoma as he continues training and working with local schools.

Prince, aka Cruise, is featured in the Interquest Detection Canines school video!!  He is the first dog you see sniffing lockers and he is also shown sniffing bookbags and desks in a classroom on the School Detection video.

Debbie said that "Prince is awesome!!"



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